The A-Z (or at least P-T) template for helping your students process a phenomenon, play to learn, identify variables, design an experiment, conduct experiment to collect data, make a claim supported by evidence with scientific reasoning to explain it, and then keep thinking in questions. Provided in both PDF format, for use as it, and in Word format, for editing.

PQRST Journal (PDF version. Word version found below. Keep scrolling.)

NOTE: Some assembly is required! See the step-by-step pictures below this document for help, if needed.

PQRST Journal Assembly Directions (with pictures!)

PQRST Journal (Word version.)

NOTE: Once you edit this document, it is best to print it as a PDF with two pages per sheet. Then, when you print that PDF file, you will need to make sure you print it double-sided and flip the pages along the SHORT edge. Editing this document can be tricky especially if you are adding or subtracting pages. If you run into problems, feel free to reach out for help to DaNel Hogan using the contact form at the bottom of our homepage.

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