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Best Practices

Next Generation Science Storylines

The Next Generation Science Storylines project is dedicated to providing tools that support teachers in developing, adapting, and teaching with strongly aligned NGSS materials in classrooms around the country. We like their Science and Engineering Practices Octagon in particular!

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STEM Teaching Tools

Practice briefs and tools which will help any educator focused on shifting their science instruction toward 3-dimensional instruction. These very short pieces highlight ways of working on specific issues that come up during STEM teaching.

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Thinking Collaborative Strategies

Strategies, like Expert Jigsaw and First Turn, Last Turn, are a fantastic ways to engage learners. This links to all the Thinking Collaborative Strategies which will give you lots of options for mixing up the way you engage learners in your learning spaces.

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Crosscut Symbols

The Crosscut Symbols below are from Peter A’Hearn. These can be found at with lots of supporting information including critical questions, questions that connect to science and engineering practices, and more for each concept. Teachers and students can also submit their own images for the crosscutting concepts on Peter’s website. Cut out the symbols…

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