STEMinar: Not your typical webinar! Just like our in-person workshops, we strive to make our STEMinars as hands-on and minds-on as we can. And, as always, we will highlight ideas and lessons which are both equitable and accessible regardless of technology available (online and offline options) and regardless of socioeconomics (#STEMontheCheap lessons using readily available and/or inexpensive materials for rich learning experiences).

In-Person Workshops (returning as soon as we can safely gather): These hands-on, minds-on workshops put educators into the seats and minds of their students. Workshops range from a few hours to multi-day events and include the equipment and supplies teachers need to implement these activities in their own classrooms.

August 12, 2020 online at 4-5 pm PDT (Arizona time = UTC-7)

#SciencingAndEngineering with @TheSTEMAZingPro and @RobotGeneral5

Session 5 - Early Childhood and Early Elementary STEM Focus - This session will focus on highlighting resources and developmentally appropriate practices for engaging our youngest learners, from PreK-2nd grade, using STEM lessons.

Are you engaging our youngest learners from PreK-2nd grade? Join us for a look at the #STEMAZing Lessons for Young Learners collection. Learn about developmentally appropriate practices for engaging children with noticing and wondering about the world around them. Experience #STEMontheCheap ideas for bringing rich learning opportunities to the children you teach which use materials you either have on hand or can purchase inexpensively at a dollar store. Whether in a remote learning situation or back in the classroom, learn what The #STEMAZing Project has to offer early childhood educators (and learning coaches like parents) to engage our youngest learners to DO some real science and engineering. Focused will be placed on lessons which are accessible online and offline. #STEMAZing Teacher Leaders will also be joining to share how they use these lessons, ideas, and strategies with the children they teach. Click HERE to watch promo video!

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Find #STEMAZing Lessons for Young Learners Collection HERE!

Thank you to the Arizona Department of Education for hosting the #SciencingAndEngineering STEMinar series. Find more science focused webinars ADE is hosting by clicking HERE.

August 20, 2020 online at 4-5 pm PDT (Arizona time = UTC-7)

#TwitterForPD with @TheSTEMAZingPro, @RobotGeneral5, @ASTAconnect, #STEMAZing #TeacherLeaders, and ASTA Science Ambassadors

Did you know Twitter is one of the most powerful professional development tools that exists? Are cringing right now at the thought of Twitter? Meet teachers who had the same initial reaction but are now using #TwitterForPD to feed their educator souls. Learn how to connect with educators from across the globe to share ideas and expand your professional learning network. Whether you are still a doubter but curious, a Twitter beginner, or an experienced tweet master, there will be something new for everyone in this #STEMAZing #STEMinar. How do you set up an account? Who should you follow? What is this #hashtag nonsense? What is a Tweet Chat? What is TweetDeck? What’s in it for me and the students I teach? Each session we will be joined by a number of PreK-12th grade educators who are STEMAZing teacher leaders and Arizona Science Teachers Association science ambassadors. These classroom educators will share how they use Twitter for professional growth.

NOTE: The content for each of these sessions will be unique so you will not be disappointed if you join us for more than one. The focus will be on STEM but any educator curious about using #TwitterForPD will benefit from the introduction to Twitter and the hints/tips shared.

This STEMinar is co-hosted by The STEMAZing Project and the Arizona Science Teachers Association.

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