STEMAZing Systems Thinking is embedding the Habits and tools of systems thinking into high-quality STEM lessons. From existing resources using the Habits and tools of systems thinking to new resources designed to specifically to help students make sense of the world using systems thinking, STEMAZing Systems Thinking professional development will help teachers bring these powerful learning opportunities to all our students.

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Have you discovered the power of the Slow Reveal Graph instructional routine to promote sensemaking about data yet? This highly engaging routine uses scaffolded visuals and discourse to help students make sense of data. As more and more of the graph is revealed, students refine their interpretation and construct meaning, often in surprising ways. This routine increases access for students without sacrificing rigor or engagement. Join us to explore some of our favorite Slow Reveal Graphs including some connected directly to Arizona Science Standards. You will also learn some hints and tips for creating your own Slow Reveal Graphs and how you can contribute your work to the Slow Reveal Graphs website. What better way to spend your Pi Day evening than learning about this powerful instructional routine which can increase data literacy?!

Date and Time: March 14th from 4:30-6:00 pm AZ time (7:30 pm EDT) (1.5 hours of PD credit for participants)
Facilitators: DaNel Hogan - Learning Officer for Waters Center for Systems Thinking and Jenna Laib - Curator of the Slow Reveal Graphs Website
PreK-12th Grade Educators from Arizona and beyond

Cost: FREE

STEMAZing Saturday is a free hybrid event for PreK-12th grade students held the last Saturday of the month. Click on the logo above for details about gathering your own #STEMontheCheap materials and participating in these hands-on, minds-on activities on Zoom virtually.

Sábado STEM es un evento híbrido gratuito para estudiantes de PreK-12 (y sus maestros) que se lleva a cabo el último sábado del mes. Haga clic en el logotipo de arriba para obtener detalles sobre cómo reunir sus propios materiales #STEMontheCheap y participar en estas actividades prácticas y mentales en Zoom virtualmente.

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Backed by incredible National Geographic footage, environmental anthropologist and filmmaker Alizé Carrère will be on the Fox stage, sharing the remarkable ways people around the world are adapting to our changing planet. Through these stories, she offers a hopeful look at the resilience, perseverance, and innovation of humankind under even the most difficult of conditions.

Educators, you are invited to attend at a discounted rate.  After the show, you’ll have a special opportunity to sit down with Alizé, herself, to explore just how National Geographic presenters make environmental topics real, personal, and accessible.  Attending educators will be given a certificate for 2.5 professional development hours!