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REAL Primary Colors PQRST

              How does your eye see a red apple? Explore this question using a phenomenon driven storyline to engage students in exploring how the eye works and how we create color using light and using pigments. And, for physics sake, please let the experiment with the REAL primary colors,…

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Shapes Coding Game

                Once your students master the beginning coding game, this is the next level. Use fun shapes and cube to engage young learners with mid-level and more advanced coding ideas. Shape Coding Game Directions Shape Coding Game Shapes Shape Coding Game Cube

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Checkerboard Coding Game

          Use arrows with Velcro dots and code to insects or small animals. Checkerboard games from Dollar Tree make this a great #STEMontheCheap game. Checkerboard Coding Game in Spanish

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Three Little Pigs Coding Story

                Use the classic Three Little Pigs story to let young learners engage with coding and computational thinking skills. Three Little Pigs Coding Story and Lesson Three Little Pigs Coding Pictures La historia de la codificación de Los Tres Cerditos

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Beginner Coding Game

              Young learners can begin to learn coding concepts using this simple game. NOTE: Arrows and functions set up to match the colors used to code Cubetto robot. Juego de codificación para principiantes

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Screaming Balloon

Put a hex nut into a balloon, move it in a circle at just the right frequency, and listen to it SCREAM!

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Two Looper Airplanes

The two looper airplane is a great model for having students engineer other designs. Fantastic to iterate through the engineering design process multiple times because it only takes straws, tape, and index cards to let them play to learn!        

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