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Screaming Balloon

Put a hex nut into a balloon, move it in a circle at just the right frequency, and listen to it SCREAM!

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Two Looper Airplanes

The two looper airplane is a great model for having students engineer other designs. Fantastic to iterate through the engineering design process multiple times because it only takes straws, tape, and index cards to let them play to learn!        

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Wack-a-Pack Science – PQRST

Our favorite phenomenon – Wack-a-Packs from Dollar Tree! These can generally be found for every holiday and also in the birthday section. Use this phenomenon to drive questions for lots of different avenues of exploration. See attached PQRST for more details.                      

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STEM Night Stations

The STEMAZing Project Cultivating STEM Minds

Looking for ways to engage families for STEM or Math Nights? We recommend using these stations but with students facilitating the learning experiences! In preparation for STEM night, have students master the art of facilitating one of the stations and learn the “What the heck?’ explanation. Then, set students up in 45 minute to 1…

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Geological Columns

                  Using fossils, plaster of Paris, and sand, create geological columns for your students to explore and discover. A great nature of science lesson!   Digging Through the Columns Worksheet   Rock Column Lab Revised

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The Great Fossil Find

                Students are taken on an imaginary fossil hunt. Following a script read by the teacher, students “find” (remove from envelope) paper “fossils” of some unknown creature, only a few at a time. Each time, they attempt to reconstruct the creature, and each time their interpretation tends to…

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Eddy Current Tube Demo

This classic physics demonstration shows how a magnet falling through a copper pipe will slow down as it transfers some of its energy to move electrons in the conductive copper pipe. Those moving electrons create a magnetic field which interacts with the magnetic field of the magnet to slow it down. This document describes how…

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Nature of Science Paper Circuit

Let your students explore the nature of science and use the science practices when they build this paper circuit and explore the rules that govern which LEDs will light at the same time and which ones will not.

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