This powerful lesson will not only teach students how to identify variables, design a scientific experiment, collect data, make a CER (claim, evidence, and reasoning) based on their experiment, and continue thinking in questions, it will also teach them girls can do anything! Using the inspiring story of Ewy Rosqvist’s 1962 Grand Prix win, you can change the way girls see themselves and inspire all your students to believe they can do anything!

Matchbox Car PQRST – all the details you need to engage your students with inspiring stories and to use the PQRST Journal to experiment with Matchbox cars in order to DO science. (Even better if you can get some of the Matchbox cars modeled after Ewy’s car, but any car will do.)

PQRST Journal

The A-Z (or at least P-T) template for helping your students process a phenomenon, play to learn, identify variables, design an experiment, conduct experiment to collect data, make a claim supported by evidence with scientific reasoning to explain it, and then keep thinking in questions.

NOTE: Some assembly is required! See the step-by-step pictures below this document for help, if needed.

PQRST Journal Assembly Directions (with pictures!)

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