Using supplies found at your local Dollar Tree (#STEMontheCheap), you can engage students with an awesome scientific experiment to guide students through how to use the Die Cast Car Loop-the-Loop PQRST Sciencing Journal to design and carry out scientific investigations, create claims based on evidenced backed with scientific reasoning, and to keep wondering.

Teacher guide coming soon!

Materials need for each group (or for each student depending on COVID-19 protocols):

4 Hot Wheels track lengths
2 Blue track connectors (one pictured)
1 Blue track loop maker
1 Car launcher (not pictured, optional for actual experiment)
1 Tape measure
1 Roll of masking tape
1 Brand name diecast car (Hot Wheels®, Matchbox®, Maisto®)
1 Off brand diecast car


Click here to access the Diecast Car Loop-the-Loop PQRST Sciencing Journal. You will need to make a copy of the journal to your own Google Drive and then create a copy of the journal either for each student and/or each group depending on how you are engaging your students.

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