#MicDropMath Playing Card Tricks

There are card tricks which are slight of hand and card tricks which rely on the discrete mathematics inherent to a regular deck of cards. These card tricks fall into the latter category and are called self-working. Don’t worry, you do not need to understand discrete mathematics to learn the algorithm for performing these #MicDropMath card tricks. They wind up being a great way to get students practicing calculations in their heads regardless of how deep you dive into the mathematics behind why the tricks actually work. Enjoy!

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Ten Buddies #MicDropMath Card Trick

Ten Buddies can also be done using sets of cards from either Uno or Phase 10 games (shown below). Each has two sets of the numbers 1-9 in four different colors which means you get two decks for the trick for the price of one. These can be used just like the A-9 in four suits from a regular deck of cards. The Phase 10 game includes cards 1-11 which can be used for a Twelve Buddies version of the game. Twelve Buddies would work the same as Ten Buddies but you use cards 1-11 then look for and cover up card buddies that add up to 12.

Fourteeners #MicDropMath Card Trick
(Ten Buddies but using the full deck)

Count Up (1-10) #MicDropMath Card Trick

The Phase 10 game includes two sets of cards 1-10 in four colors and can also be used for the Count Up (1-10) card trick too.

Count Up (Full Deck) #MicDropMath Card Trick

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