Day 2 – Energy

Overarching Question

Where does your water and energy supply come from and how should we manage them for the next 100 years?


I. Your State’s Energy Supply

    A. Science of Energy (PowerPoint Presentation)

         Focus Questions:

         – What is energy?

         – What are the different forms of energy?

         – How is energy transformed from one form into another?

         – What is electromagnetism?

         – How do we use electromagnetism to harness and transport energy?

            LESSON: Energy Stations

            LESSON: Power Generation (PowerPoint Presentation)

    B. Forms and Sources of Energy

         Focus Questions:

         – What are the renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy?

         – How much do we currently rely on each source of energy?

         – Which sources of energy do different economic sectors rely on?

            LESSON: Forms and Sources of Energy

    C. Energy Management

         Focus Questions:

         – Which sources of energy are used in your state?

         – How do economics, politics and energy source availability impact the mix of energy sources used in your state?

         – What are the pros and cons of each energy source?

            LESSON: Energy In Your State Using

II. Energy Efficiency: School/Home Energy Audits (PowerPoint Presentation)

    A. Quantification of Energy Used and Cost

         Focus Questions:

         – How much energy does a particular electronic device or appliance use?

         – How could less energy be used or energy be used more efficiently?

            LESSON: Kill-A-Watt Meter Data Collection

            LESSON: Energy Calculations and Cost

            LESSON: Energy Savings Excelet Example

Eddy Current Tube Demo

Eddy Current Tube Demo

This classic physics demonstration shows how a magnet falling through a copper pipe will slow down as it transfers some of its energy to move electrons in the conductive copper pipe. Those moving electrons create ...
Energy Information Administration U.S. Primary Energy Consumption by Source and Sector Graphics

Energy Information Administration U.S. Primary Energy Consumption by Source and Sector Graphics

Graphics from the Energy Information Administration showing U.S. primary energy consumption by source and sector for each year from 2008-2017. The change over time lesson will engage your students to make sense of the data ...
Violin Generator Directions

Violin Generator Directions

From Dr. Shropshire (Idaho State University) ...

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