Light It Up

Eddy Current Tube Demo

This classic physics demonstration shows how a magnet falling through a copper pipe will slow down as it transfers some of its energy to move electrons in the conductive copper pipe. Those moving electrons create a magnetic field which interacts with the magnetic field of the magnet to slow it down. This document describes how…

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Nature of Science Paper Circuit

Let your students explore the nature of science and use the science practices when they build this paper circuit and explore the rules that govern which LEDs will light at the same time and which ones will not.

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Flag and Primary Color Afterimage Optical Illusions

You can either print these out in color or just look at them on a screen to see an afterimage based on how your red, green, and blue color receptors work in your eye. What colors do you see? The side with the boxes has the primary colors of paints/pigments. You should see the primary…

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RGB Light Show Worksheet

Do you know the REAL primary colors of light? Use this worksheet along with red, green, and blue flood lights to demonstrate the REAL primary colors of light and the principle of color addition. Find video of RGB Light Show and Set Up of RGB Light Show in STEMAZing Resources.

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Set Up for RGB Color Light Show Video

image of person with red blue and green flood lights in front of them

Video with tips about how to set up the RGB Light Show if you have your own set of red, green, and blue flood lights. Click on the title here, Set Up RGB Color Light Show, for a higher quality video hosted on Vimeo. Special thanks to Do Pham at the University of Arizona College…

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RGB Color Light Show Video

Do you know the REAL primary colors? With just a few supplies from your local hardware store, you can recreate this STEMAZing demonstration of the REAL primary colors of light and color addition in your own classroom. Or, you can simply use this video in your classroom. Click on title here, RGB Color Light Show,…

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Pepper’s Pyramid Projector

Pepper's Pyramid hack atop a cell phone screen

Turn your cell phone or tablet into a 3D hologram-like projector using plastic you would normally recycle. Reuse flat clear plastic to give this old physics trick a high tech twist. Less ecologically friendly, but good if you want to make a bunch of projectors, you can print templates onto transparencies and cut them out…

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