Do you know the REAL primary colors of light? Use this worksheet along with red, green, and blue flood lights to demonstrate the REAL primary colors of light and the principle of color addition. Find video of RGB Light Show and Set Up of RGB Light Show in STEMAZing Resources.

Videos on light setup for RGB light show.

RGB light show demonstration showing the secondary colors of light by color addition. In this video, I am using older LED flood lights in lamps with aluminum reflectors. I now recommend and use 20W RGB LED Flood Lights with Remote Control. SO much better!

RGB Light Show Worksheet for MS and HS students. Allows for lights to be rearranged for formative assessment of understanding how the lights combine and which secondary colors you get for shadows as the primary colors of light mix in combinations of two.

RGB Light Show Worksheet for Elementary students. This worksheet only has one setup arrangement for the RGB lights.

The RGB Light Show can be miniaturized in one of two ways. Students can either build the RGB Light Show Paper Circuit or they can simply use one red, one green, and one blue LED each on their own 2032 button battery to model the three colored LED lights.  A STEMAZing Reflection Box is a nice screen for making observations with the light setup. Templates for the STEMAZing Reflection Box are found below.