Day 1 – Water

Overarching Question:

Where does your water and energy supply come from and how should we manage them for the next 100 years?


Water Day

. Your State’s Water Supply

    A. Watersheds

         Focus Questions:

         – What are the components of a watershed?

         – How do the interactions within a watershed system affect surface water?

            LESSON: Watersheds Model

    B. Groundwater

         Focus Questions:

         – What are the components of the groundwater system?

         – How do they determine the groundwater system’s behavior and connections?

            LESSON: Groundwater System

    C. Water Management

         Focus Questions:

         – How are water rights allocated?

         – How is water managed and utilized in your area?

         – How will drought and climate change affect your water supply and demand?

            LESSON: Sharing the Shed Warm-up Adaptation (DAW-TC, p. 244)

            LESSON: Plumbing the Colorado (DAW-TC, p. 277)

            LESSON: Reading the Rings – graphed data (DAW-TC, p. 148)

II. Water Efficiency: Indoor/Outdoor Water Audits

    A. Quantification of water used and water saved

         Focus Questions:

         – How much water is used for a particular activity at school or at home?

         – How could less water be used or water be used more efficiently?

            LESSON: School Water Audit Program (APW’s SWAP)

              – Engage in developing and following a scientific procedure, measuring flow and data collection.

              – Use Google Surveys to determine duration and frequency.

              – Use mathematics to quantify water use and savings over a year.

III. Application of Science: Hydrologic Cycle and Cooling Towers

    A. Polar Molecule, Heat and Convection

         Focus Question:

         – How do the properties of water enable it to move and change for in the hydrologic cycle?

            LESSON: Adventures in Density and Molecules in Motion Adaptation (PWET, pages 3 and 33)

     B. Heat, Energy, Density and Convection

         Focus Question:

         – How is knowledge of the hydrologic cycle applied to engineer a cooling system for the production of electricity?

            LESSON: Convection Lesson

Lesson: Groundwater System

Lesson: Groundwater System

NOTE: The Groundwater Flow Models will be used when available for trainings and classroom presentations in Arizona. When these are not available, the lesson called Get the Groundwater Picture (Project WET Curriculum & Activity Guide, p. 143) ...

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