RGB Primary Color Light Show Paper Circuit

Let students build this paper circuit to explore the REAL primary colors, which are NOT blue, yellow, and red! For detailed step-by-step instructions, check out our Instructable for this paper circuit: #STEMontheCheap RGB Light Show Paper Circuit If you are interested in a 3rd grade science unit to introduce the REAL primary colors, you might…

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Perplexing Parallel Paper Circuit

Let your students explore the nature of science and use the science practices when they build this paper circuit and explore the rules that govern which LEDs will light at the same time and which ones will not. Extend their learning into constructing an explanation as you challenge them to provide a claim, supported by…

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Notice, Wonder, Learn: Paper Circuits

paper circuit example

These templates allow for initial exploration of paper circuits, series and parallel circuits, and circuit diagrams. Supplies are not too expensive and links to necessary supplies are included in the document below (final page). Check out the final circuit which allows for the exploration of the REAL primary colors using red, green, and blue LEDs.…

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