Wireless Electricity

These wireless electricity modules are loads of pHun and are great for teaching about the transfer of energy when object’s are not touching, electricity, electromagnetism, and so much more.

Engineering Design Challenge: Night Light
Check back for a defined engineering design challenge to use these modules in the development and design of a night light to help a child who is afraid of the dark.

Where do I get them?
Wireless Electricity Modules can be purchased from AliExpress here – Vendor: Red Yellow Store; Item: 12V One-To-Many Wireless Power Supply Module For Decorations And Crafts
Note: If the link is broken, just go to AliExpress and search for “wireless power module”. We recommend the 12V module as opposed to the 5V module because the LEDs with the 5V modules are extra tiny. If you are purchasing for a whole class or school, you can use the AliExpress messaging system to send Red Yellow Store a message requesting a better price on higher quantities.

We suggest using two or three 2032 or 2025 button batteries to power your wireless electricity modules. You can either hold them on top of each other in series with the red wire on the positive side and the black wire on the negative side of the battery stack or you can tape them in place – just don’t forget to disconnect them when you are done playing!

Can you power the LEDs with a wireless phone charger?

Can you power the LEDs with a wireless electric toothbrush charging stand?

Want students to make their own wireless electricity transmitters? The video below shows a simple way to build your own module with the potential for testing how the number of turns (loops) of wire on the transmitter and receiver impact the performance of the module.

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