Who are you and where did these strange looking animals come from?

A #STEMontheCheap set of lessons to teach about genetics, heredity, and more. Some lessons are remote adaptable and some require materials. These lessons were designed in collaboration with Marana STEMAZing Teacher Leaders Aimee Katz and Chrissy Blank with support from the Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation.

Arizona Science Standards Addressed

5.L3U1.9 (NGSS-P: 3-LS3-1) Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about patterns between the offspring of plants, and the offspring of animals (including humans); construct an explanation of how genetic information is passed from one generation to the next.
5.L3U1.10 (NGSS-S: 3-LS3-2) Construct an explanation based on evidence that the changes in an environment can affect the development of the traits in a population of organisms.

Click on the image above or HERE to access the Google Folder with all the resources in it including Teacher Slide Deck, Student Digital Notebook, Pixar storytelling frame, and more. Teacher guide and teacher talk with the teacher leaders coming soon-ish!


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