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Wait, What? $1 Microscopes and Paper Circuits!!

Explore the natural world with a $1 microscope. Magnify your amazing findings by designing and creating paper circuits to make what you have discovered come to light. This workshop focused on $1 microscopes you can 3D print, 10 cent microscopes using a laser pointer lens, and paper circuits to help students light up their observations.

Chibitronics I Love Science Robot Paper Circuit Template

Chibitronics I Love Science Robot Paper Circuit Template

The I love Science robot template from Chibitronics introduces how a circuit works and parallel circuits. A great paper circuits activity! ...
Image of question marks

Crosscutting Concept: Structure and Function

A framework for K-12 Science Education: Structure and Function. The way in which an object or living thing is shaped and its substructure determine many of its properties and functions. ...
Image book cover

From Page Keely book

We used atoms and cells probe from this Page Keeley book ...
paper circuit example

Notice, Wonder, Learn: Paper Circuits

These templates allow for initial exploration of paper circuits, series and parallel circuits, and circuit diagrams. Supplies are not too expensive and links to necessary supplies are included in the document below (final page). Check ...
Image of paper circuitry notebook

Paper Circuitry Notebook

Hack your notebook and illuminate your thinking! ...
photo of a journal made with the STEMAZing hack

STEMAZing Journal Hack

Make graph paper STEMAZing journals that require no staples or tape, using an old bookbinding trick ...
Image of pocket microscope

The $1 Pocket Microscope

Explore the microscopic world around you with this $1 3D printed microscope. Looking at insects, plants, and even dirt close up can be fascinating! ...



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