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Improving STEM education is a complex challenge!  Improvements cannot be made without passionate educators and strong leadership. The STEMAZing Project is pleased to offer the STEMAZing Teacher Leader Program (STLP).  STLP will provide support to educators and students by building STEM leadership capacity through the development of STEMAZing Teacher Leaders. These classroom educators, turned Teacher Leaders, will facilitate professional development workshops, build professional learning networks, and work to improve STEM teaching and learning in their schools, districts, and beyond.

The STEMAZing Teacher Leader Program will mentor and develop 12 teacher leaders to positively impact STEM education through the research, design, and development of workshops for fellow educators. This program provides the selected Teacher Leaders with an avenue for developing their leadership skills, sharing their expertise, increasing their sense of value, and impacting the STEM culture within their own schools/districts.

The STEMAZing Project is looking for 12 STEM educators to share their successful STEM engagement strategies and lessons with fellow educators. This opportunity is currently open to full-time PreK-8 STEM classroom educators in southern Arizona.


Upon selection, the new cohort of STEMAZing Teacher Leaders will participate in an eight month program. During these eight months, Teacher Leaders must attend seven program days focusing on team building and leadership skills while researching, designing, and developing STEMAZing Workshops. These STEMAZing Workshops will then be facilitated by teams of Teacher Leaders in Spring 2019. By the end of this program, the Teacher Leaders will build their professional skill set and broaden their impact on STEM education improvement. Each participating Teacher Leader will receive a stipend of $1000 and their school can submit a substitute reimbursement of up to $100 for each program day the Teacher Leader is out of the classroom.


  • Teacher Leaders are provided space and time to reflect on STEM teaching and learning with their peers.
  • Each participating Teacher Leader will receive a stipend of $1000.

  • The Teacher Leader’s school can submit a substitute reimbursement of up to $100 for each program day the Teacher Leader is out of the classroom.


  • helps build school-based professional development capacity.

  • builds capacity in STEM expertise to help deepen content knowledge of peer educators at their school.

  • provides participants with the knowledge to  advocate, collaborate, motivate, and build professional learning networks focused on STEM education.

  • helps support teacher retention based on improved morale and enthusiasm around STEM education.

  • provides participants with knowledge and skills to create STEM collaborations at their schools and beyond.

  • adds rigor to current content standards.

  • improves vertical articulation of standards within a school and/or district.

  • provides an interdisciplinary approach to STEM using three dimensions from the K-12 Framework for Science Education.

  • will impact over 10,000 students through the implementation of new and improved STEM instructional strategies learned by educators attending the Teacher Leader facilitated STEMAZing Workshops.

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