Stanford NGSS Integrated Curriculum

An Exploration of a Multidimensional World

This 6th, 7th, and 8th grade curriculum aligns to the California Integrated model in which earth and space science, life science, physical science and/or engineering are integrated within each curriculum unit.



All the units:

  • are project-based

  • include Instructionally embedded assessments

  • align to the 5E instructional model (i.e., engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate)

  • are phenomena-based

  • provide students with opportunities to generate their own questions to motivate sense-making and/or problem solving

  • incorporate language development strategies

  • provide an additional pop-out lesson that allows students to apply what they’ve learned to delve deeper into the intersection of social justice,  science, and the “greater good” (see “Pop-Outs” tabs)

In addition to our four instructional units, there is a unit devoted to groupwork to help teachers establish classroom norms and expectations around effective collaborative work.

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