Race or collaboratively find a SET of three cards where each attribute (color, shape, number, and shading) is either all the same value or all different values on each card. SET builds cognitive, logical, and spatial reasoning skills as well as visual perception skills while playing a game.

How to Play SET

Video Tutorial on How to Play SET below. You can also search YouTube for other tutorials on how to play SET.

Daily SET Game

The Daily SET Game is another great way to use this game. You don’t need the cards to access a SET puzzle every day that has six SETs in it. This is great for class starters. Click on the hyperlink or the image below to take on today’s Daily SET Game.

Play SET with Friends Online

To start a game of SET with Friends, go to the website, click on NEW PRIVATE GAME, copy and share link with whomever you want to play by sharing the URL provided, AFTER all players have joined the room, click on START GAME button. Once you start the game, new players can no longer join to play. They can only observe the game. This is also a place where students without the cards can play by themselves to practice the game.

SET-Chain and UltraSET on SET with Friends!

Take SET play to another level with these online variations. SET-Chain: use a card from the last SET in the next one you find. UltraSET: find two pairs of cards that need the same third card to make SET. Just select one of these two options after you set up a New Private Game. Then, either invite friends to play or play SET solo.

SET End Game Tutorial Video

If you have the card deck version of SET, take a mystery card out of the SET deck at the beginning of the game, find all the SETs. With the 5, 8, or 11 cards left, reason out the values of all four attributes for the card your pulled out at the beginning. This video explains how!

SET End Game on Facebook

If you follow Set Enterprises, Inc. on Facebook, they post an End Game challenge every Wednesday. In fact, like below, you can go to past Wednesday posts and find many End Game puzzles for students to practice with when learning End Game. Solving the end game and posting your solution in the comments also enters you in a drawing for a free game.

SET for All Ages from PreK-Gray!

SET is a game that can be taught with scaffolding to our youngest learners, as shown in the video below from Tucson Unified School District preschool teacher Dana Islas. Whether 3 or 103, this game is accessible to every learner.

The Unexpected Story of the Game of SET

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