STEMAZing Saturday

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STEMAZing Saturday is a free event for PreK-12th grade students held the last Saturday of the month. Simply gather the materials listed for this month’s STEM explorations and join us on Zoom with other students from around the country and sometimes beyond. STEMAZing Saturday will start at 10:30 am Arizona time and end at 12:00 pm Arizona time. (Teachers are also welcome to join us!)

(Please note Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings so we are always GMT -7 hours. This means our start time will change when those of you who do observe Daylight Savings jump this way and that an hour. Arizona is currently is always on Mountain Standard Time. This is currently aligned with Pacific Daylight Time until the rest of you return to standard time. You can verify the start time for your location using:

Join online via Zoom – Gather the materials listed for this month’s STEMAZing Saturday below and have an adult register to receive the Zoom link here:
Virtual Zoom Registration:
Only one registration required per household.

If this month’s information is not yet listed below, please check back later.

STEMAZing Saturday – March 25, 2023
Monkey Madness STEM

Materials to gather before joining us via Zoom (per participant unless otherwise noted with a * meaning it can be shared):

  • Jagged edge rock (any rock that isn’t round)
  • Scissors*
  • Drinking Straw (at least one per person)
  • Craft Stick (popsicle stick size – one per person)
  • Assorted Rubber Bands (4-5 per person, must be able to fit through the straw when cut open so it is no longer a loop)
  • Monkey Madness Template (Print this out on regular printer paper or cardstock. If it can’t be printed, you can hand draw monkeys on paper.)
  • Paper Clips (4-5 small and large paper clips per person) – not pictured
  • Googly Eyes (optional but highly recommended, self-adhesive are the best)
  • Aluminum Foil (3-4 feet per person, does not have to be heavy duty or as wide as that shown in the picture)

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