How does your eye see a red apple? Explore this question using a phenomenon driven storyline to engage students in exploring how the eye works and how we create color using light and using pigments. And, for physics sake, please let the experiment with the REAL primary colors, which are NOT red, yellow, and blue! This storyline includes both color subtraction and color addition.

REAL Primary Colors PQRST – This is the storyline plan detailing how to use phenomena, questions, research investigations, model revising, and more to let students make sense of color vision and color formation using light and pigments.

REAL Primary Colors PQRST Journal – This is the journal which goes along with the storyline detailed above.

Assembly Instructions: Print front to back flipping along the short edge. Then, separate out by pages in lines at edges in middle and a line across the middle. Fold sets of papers in half and cut along the solid lines in the middle. Bend pages cut along the two edges and next them into the slit of the other pages. For pictures of assembly, see how the STEMAZing Journal is put together.

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