Noticing and Wondering

Lessons which focus on asking questions, making observations, and wondering like a scientist.

ECE Notice and Wonder Journal

ECE Notice and Wonder Journal

Google Docs version of the Notice and Wonder Journal - Young learners can use the Voice typing under the Tools menu to complete this document if they are pre-writing ...

Gravity Well in a Bowl or Bucket

Mesmerizing marbles orbit around a gravity well just as Einstein imagined! From a small bowl gravity well to one that fits into a bucket, prepare to spend time rapt in orbital therapy. #STEMAZingVideo below shows ...
Loop-the-Loop and Other Explorations with Die Cast Cars

Loop-the-Loop and Other Explorations with Die Cast Cars

Materials (for four testing stations) 4 Name Brand Die Cast Cars (Hot Wheels™ or Matchbox™) 4 Generic Die Cast Cars 16 Hot Wheels™ Track Sections and Connectors 4 Hot Wheels™ Loop Accessory and Track Section ...
Skittles Science  (and M&Ms too)

Skittles Science (and M&Ms too)

Key Question How can we create patterns using the dye (coloring) off Skittles and M&Ms? Learning Objectives Children will… identify and create patterns. change different independent variables of the experiment to see what effect it ...

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