Nerdycorn by Andrew Root (author) and Erin Kraan (illustrator)

Fern isn’t your usual unicorn…she loves chemistry and math more than glitter or flowers–and she refuses to change who she is in this sweet and empowering picture book about being yourself–and standing up for yourself, too!

Meet Fern! She’s a smart, creative unicorn who prefers building robots and coding software to jumping through shimmering rainbows and splashing in majestic waterfalls. Even though Fern is a good friend and always willing to help others, the other unicorns tease her and call her a nerdycorn.

One day, Fern has had enough and decides to stop fixing her friends’ broken things. But then the confetti machine, the rainbow synthesizer, and the starlight bedazzler all go haywire during the biggest Sparkle Dance Party of the year! Fern can certainly fix them…but will she?

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