Hypothesis Cubes – Best Nature of Science Lesson of ALL TIME!

Hypothesis cubes is the BEST nature of science lesson of all time. Engage students to use evidence to support their claims and then demonstrate the way science works by leaving the “answer” unsettled in the end. NOTE: Cubes with “CHEATER” on the bottom included for teachers who feel students who do not follow directions and…

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Science is… Science is not…

teachers doing science is... science is not... lesson

A fantastic lesson about the nature of science. This lesson addresses many misconceptions about science. Adapted from Evolution & the Nature of Science Institutes lesson called Sunsets, Souls, and Senses which is included below.   The file below includes the statements which need to be cut out for each group of 2-4 students. They will…

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IDC (not IDK) How to turn absolutely anything into a science experiment!

IDC (not IDK) how to turn absolutely anything into a science experiment

Notice something interesting! Wonder how it works? Use this process to turn absolutely anything (well almost) into a science experiment. Learn about independent, dependent, and control variables. Brainstorm independent variables which can be systematically manipulated in the setup of your experiment. Consider dependent variables which might respond or change as you systematically change one independent…

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Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum: Who Dung It

Program for Grades K-5 and Lab for Grades 6-8 Although it may be difficult to see some desert animals, they do leave many clues behind. The challenge is to figure out who left those clues. Students will become detectives to help solve the mystery of just who “dung it” in the desert.

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