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#REALprimaryColors (NOT red, yellow, and blue)

If you ask a physicist,”What are the primary colors?” They would ask you, “Are you talking about light or paint?” The answer is different for light and paint but beautifully connected.     The REAL primary colors of paint are NOT red, yellow, and blue – as taught in school until you reach physics –…

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PQRST Journal

                  The A-Z (or at least P-T) template for helping your students process a phenomenon, play to learn, identify variables, design an experiment, conduct experiment to collect data, make a claim supported by evidence with scientific reasoning to explain it, and then keep thinking in questions. Provided…

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Matchbox Car PQRST

              This powerful lesson will not only teach students how to identify variables, design a scientific experiment, collect data, make a CER (claim, evidence, and reasoning) based on their experiment, and continue thinking in questions, it will also teach them girls can do anything! Using the inspiring story of…

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PQRST – Question Your Students into Scientists and Engineers

              Phenomenon, Questions, Research investigation, Science story, Thinking more Help students make sense of the world using PQRST journals and lessons. Let students notice, wonder, and learn using science and engineering practices. Develop their skills as scientist and engineers and help them think in questions!

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REAL Primary Colors PQRST

              How does your eye see a red apple? Explore this question using a phenomenon driven storyline to engage students in exploring how the eye works and how we create color using light and using pigments. And, for physics sake, please let the experiment with the REAL primary colors,…

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