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To support our mission and meet state statute responsibilities, the Arizona Geological Survey will:

  • provide geologic information to enhance public understanding of the state’s geologic character, geologic hazards and limitations, and mineral resources;
  • inform, advise and assist the Arizona public in matters concerning the geological processes, Earth materials, landscapes, and the development and use of mineral resources;
  • provide technical advice and assistance to industry while encouraging the wise and prudent use of Arizona lands and mineral resources;
  • provide technical geologic advice and assistance to state, tribal, and local civil authorities.


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This is our staging ground to showcase images of geologic features, scenes and structures from across Arizona. By and large, these images are the product of AZGS staff – geoscientists and administrative staff. We have invited non-Survey photographers to donate their images, too. Chief among these is Dr. Dale Nations. Dr Nations, Professor Emeritus at Northern Arizona University, and his students explored the geology of Northern Arizona during the latter third of the 20th century.

Images are accompanied by an explanation. We have tried to minimize jargon, opting to make this resource more palatable to a public audience. These images are available for non-commercial and educational use. We do ask that you credit the individual photographer, and please cite the Arizona Geological Survey Photographic Atlas as the source.


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Arizona’s Grand Canyon, its volcanoes, mountains, mesas, plateaus, rivers and washes are among the most spectacular geologic features on Earth. The wise and prudent use of Arizona’s lands, landscapes, and mineral resources is essential to preserving our geoheritage for future generations. Learn more about these amazing features, view photos and maps, or take a virtual tour.


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All manner of FREE publications from the AzGS Down-to-Earth Series.

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